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I've created an album but can't figure out how to upload my pictures into it.  Can someone help me with this please.

The only way i've been able to get them loaded into the gallery is by saving them to my pictures and uploading the gif or whatever it's the browse, then click the pic, open, then upload or something like that. i can't seem to get a url link from photobucket  to upload into the gallery, but i have no problem getting them to load into the forums. i'm sure i'm probably doing something wrong.

Ridgerunner it looks like you uploaded them into your personal gallery so they are there.

The URL URI Uploads - I have never tried it myself until just now. If I can't get it working then I will disable it.  :bash:

Did you already figure it out or did you still need some help? BTW I will be not around much today so sorry for the delay. Been out hiking and pseudo scouting.


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