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I recently harvested my first archery rosey bull, he is worthy of hanging on my wall, but I am limited on space. I have been looking on web trying to find pics of diff head/shoulder mounts that may work in my home. Curious if anyone has pics or knows where I might view pics of a variety of diff mounts.

do you have pic's of this rosey bull??
and a story?
that'd be awesome...i'll trade ya  ;)
post it in the elk forum.

hit michelle nelson up on here and see what she's got. she's our local pro taxi.


Their is a lot of different ways to have an Elk mounted.  Pedestals or wall mounts.  Elk are a big critter so either way they are going to take up space.  First off do you know exactly where you want the elk in your house? 

:dunno: Are you only interested in a wall mount or are you open to a pedestal.  How high are your ceilings?  Their are a lot of options.  Even if you don't see a form that is exactly the way you want it one can be modified.  Another thing to remember when it comes to mounting an elk is "ANTLER CLEARANCE".  You want to make sure antlers will clear things around it.  Especially if you are going to do a wall mount. 

Are their any other specific questions that you have?

I couldn't find any of the pictures?

measurementw would be good as well.....such as measurements of the cape so that we can give you some form options.  Also, measurements of your antelrs for wall clearance.


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