Author Topic: Best rain gear for Western WA Elk and Deer  (Read 9891 times)

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Re: Best rain gear for Western WA Elk and Deer
« Reply #45 on: February 03, 2020, 10:40:48 PM »
I have the Chugach and Yukon set ups from KUIU. I also hunt Western WA for Elk and the high alpine for BT and Bears. The Chugach is perfect for high alpine pursuits in my opinion especially before the snow falls. It is not as light weight as some of the ultra light gear you’ll see elsewhere but it is rather durable when busting through brush. The Yukon line is absolutely bomb proof and I wear that when I know cold and wet days are going to happen or as an outer layer when temps drop and snow falls. I do no have the Yukon pants (yet) but the jacket is great and has elbow pads perfect for prone position shooting or when crawling in on a stalk. I do wish my Chugach pants had knee pads like the Yukon’s do but under the Chugach I am typically wearing either KUIU Alpine or Pro pants or Sitka Timberline or Mtn Pants which both have pads. Good luck with your decision!

I muzzleloader hunt elk on the coast (2nd week October) and nothing is above 2000ft so it never really get too cold but can have some very rainy days. Would you recommend the Chugach or Yukon for my situation?


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