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Hunting, "right" or "privlege?"

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 :) In this state, WA, hunting is legally a "privlege" I read where some state in the South East passed an amendment that made hunting a legal "right" last year.

Anbody know about this? How does one organize this kind of thing? a referendum? Any lawyers here?

Don't know anything about it,but is it wrong to be a "Right" ?

here since it is a privlege, the game commision makes rules, like hunter orange, without having to go through the process of making it a "law". I think we would have much more protection if our hunting was a "legal right", such as a constitutional amendment.

the right to hunt bill in washington died in legislature. HR4204

They need to get this done before the enviro-wackos erase the rights one by one. They'd rather have the world swimming in a fish bowl looking at the outside world as if it was Mars or Jupiter.


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