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Planning to go bowfishing for carp at Lake Tapps this weekend.  Any tips from people who have bowfished here?

Never bowfished it but do musky fish it. Get in to the shallow backwaters, especially the weedy areas. Be careful of stumps and logs, not sure  what the water level is right now but it can be hazardous. The backwaters will be warmer than the main lake. I've seen a lot more suckers in the shallows than carp but there are carp in there. Not sure if there are grass carp  in there but I believe they are protected on the Westside so worth being conscious of.

Bowfished some shallows for about 4 hours on sunday.  Missed one good shot.  Missed quite a few other not so good shots as well.  Had fun.  The carp were starting to get active, but not spawning yet.  They spooked easy.  Saw probably 40 carp jump while I was there.  Maybe another week or two until they start spawning.  Conditions weren't ideal and I was having a very tough time spotting them yesterday.

Back in the 60's, Mom and Dad would pack up all us Kids, the fishing gear and head for Lake Tapps.
Like fishing in a barrel, when the water was at it's lowest level. Now it seems to close about that time. :(
 What fun for the Family, with no limits on Pan-fish we kept Dad busy filleting and our freezer stocked up. We used to freeze the fillets (in milk cartons) of solid ice, to keep them from getting freezer burned (before the invention of Seal a Meal Bags.) They would stay good for like 10 years. :yike:

We would shoot them just before they filled it back up.  They weren't spawning but were trapped in shallow water.  I want to say it was always in January for the lowest water levels, because us kids would choose to shoot carp or fish the flume for steelhead and dolly varden.  I'm getting old so I might be off on the dates.


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