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I bought a fishing bow, Cajun fish stick 45# revurve and just shooting it into the ground off my deck it seems very accurate well put together combo.  One thing the arrow rest is just a V-shaped roller and it is difficult to keep the arrow on the roller and is a fairly long reach to keep my finger hooked over it.  Is there another type of arrow rest that would keep the arrow in place and work with fishing arrows?

Thanks AWS

Special T:
My brother in law uses a fall away rest and likes it. Think it's a rip cord. I Think whisker biscuit makes a big diameter  insert. I just use a standard rest and don't have too many problems.

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Old Dog:
Nothing wrong with the rest.  You are probably pinching the arrow nock.  Try using just the pad of your fingers, and either gap your fingers a little, or shoot all three fingers under the nock.  Three fingers under puts the arrow closer to the eye, and can make sighting down the arrow a little easier as well. 

Remember to allow for refraction, and aim low.   :tup:

The problem isn't while drawing the bow it is just using it, the bow has to be kept almost completely vertical and not moved quickly or the arrow will bounce off the rest.

We used to have a little spring loaded arrow holder taped to the grip that would hold the arrow on the rest and drop away when you drew the arrow but I haven't seen one of those anywhere.

Old Dog:
 :sry: Oops!  I misunderstood the problem.  I just shoot off the shelf, and eliminate the rest altogether.   :tup:


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