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So, how many people on here are actualy taxidermists or do there own taxidermy work?

I wouldnt call myself a taxidermist, but I've done a couple hundred european mounts, a few dozen life sized birds, a handful of small mammals and a couple of fish. 

Hunting Cowboy:
I dabbled with it for a few years before breaking down and getting my license. I was licensed for about five years doing mostly Mule deer and blacktail deer. I also did several whitetail, a few elk, quite a few black bear rugs, caribou, cougar, coyote, raccoon, beaver, otter, etc.

It got to be too much with family and working full time and still having time for hunting. Now I just do the families stuff. It was great experience and I had several taxidermist help me out along the way. I also attended several taxidermy competitions taking in as many seminars as I could. I have to say that I stayed busier than I wanted to be. I still receive calls that I turn down. I've learned to just say no!

I'm hoping that I have at least a couple of bucks to do (for us) this year!

I havent done any competitions yet, but I plan on doing some soon. I just went full time after 8 years of being a part time taxidermist. I hope I'll get alot of stuff in so I can make the house payment. Plus I have my first kid on the way, that wasnt supposed to happen till next year. Its kind of scarry going from having a steady paycheck to waiting on customers to pay my house payment for me. I hope all the advertising and sportsman shows get me more customers!

 PolarBear, I think I've seen you on monster muleys before. Probably in the blacktail forum. Thats right because I beleive you said you were just over the hill from me then.

Yep, that's me.  I live on Vail Cut Off, just over Miller Hill from you.  I've logged a lot of miles on Miller Hill.


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