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Is it ok to blowfish for carp in the Palouse River?

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pens fan:
We are heading there in a couple of days and my 10 year old wants to try it out. I've never seen anyone do it and always figured it wasn't legal, but I don't see anything saying you can't.

I will be over there in a few days also. Cant wait. It will be my first trip there. So excited. Ill be bringing the bow for carp. Bow fishing is legal for common carp in washington. When good numbers are around its a blast.

Ive never blowfished before. Does WA require a blowfishing permit, blowfishing endorsement, and special blowfishing permits? :chuckle:

pens fan:
Don't knock it till youve tried it.

I really hope that this isn't a typo!!! Please take a video of your son Blowfishing for carp!!! I can just imagine a 10 year old with a blowgun wading around shooting darts at carp, that would be awesome!

If it is a typo and you are talking about bow fishing you will want to pick up a cheap bowfishing setup with a reel and proper arrow tip setup etc... and tell him to aim about three feet in front of where he thinks he should aim, at least...


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