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NRA Launching Web Site Devoted To Hunters' Rights


NRA Launching Web Site Devoted To Hunters' Rights

On November 1, NRA is launching a new Web site devoted to hunters' rights. All
factors that affect your freedom to hunt, and the future of the sport itself, will
be addressed at

The site will not tell you how to hunt, where to put your tree stand or what the
best guns and loads are for your favorite species. Many Web sites and magazines can
already tell you all that.

The site will alert you about threats to hunting and NRA's efforts to combat them --
our direct lobbying efforts at every level, our hunter recruitment and instruction
programs and our funding of conservation and range improvement projects.

Commenting on the need for this site, Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of General
Operations, said, "Hunting is under attack in ways it has never been attacked
before. Stifling regulations are overly complex and too often have nothing to do
with game management. Anti-hunting groups with well-financed coffers and celebrity
spokespersons grab every headline they can get. Nit-picking laws that turn
inadvertent mistakes into criminal offenses are becoming common horror stories.
Shrinking lands, dwindling numbers of hunters and other factors are combining to
threaten the sport more and more."

But whether it's a proposed ban on hunting ammunition, the closure of public hunting
lands, or regulations that are actually driving people out of the sport, NRA is at
work on every front to ensure your continued right to hunt. The combination of NRA's
political strength, hunting programs, grant funding and the sheer size of our
hunting membership make us the most formidable defender of hunting there is.

The new site will give credit where it's due, too. If a new range opens in your
state, if a season is extended or added, or if a youth mentored hunt is instituted,
you'll read about it at . With
limited time and resources, hunters need to know about every new opportunity, place
to hunt, or new season available. will also provide many opportunities for hunter input and
recognition. We'll be open to stories from you on a variety of topics, such as:
   Trophy Gallery--Share your hunting photos with others.
   Hunt Reports--Had a particularly good or bad experience with an outfitter? Let us
   Gut Check--Your true stories of survival.
   Unsung Heroes--Know someone in your state doing good work for hunters? Let's give
that person some recognition.
   Regulatory Issues--Is there a hunting law in your state you feel just doesnt make

Guidelines for submitting all such material are available by sending an email to: Just put "Hunters Rights Guidelines" in the subject line.
Your questions and comments on the site are welcome at the same address.

Watch for monthly gift giveaways, too.

Is this the same NRA that sided with the anti-gunners in congress?
Instead of an anti-hunting website, how about joining GOA in the anti-gun fight.  Without guns, hunting will be just a memory.  Screw em.

I understand your feelings about the NRA. Don't shoot the messenger  :hello:

I'm not shooting the messenger.  The REAL messenger is GOA.  No compromise.  I am 68 years old, and have seen the NRA go from its purpose, to banquets and movie stars.  i would love to see them reverse direction, but siding with the anti gunners kinda took my breath away.

Nevermind -  :hello:


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