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Post spawn patterns?


I'm pretty new to bowfishing and taking my son to Moses/Potholes/Banks in the next couple of weeks. I know generally where the carp hang out from seeing them while fishing for other things, but are there any particular habitats or times of the day to focus on after the spawn is over? Just hoping to get him a few shots after making the drive over the hill. I appreciate any and all advice - thanks!

Got into em pretty good on the islands popping out at pot holes last weekend. Murky water, most of our shots were at fish in less than 2 ft of water. Most were pretty lethargic.

We found a few, but it wasn't very consistent. First light had fish on the surface everywhere, but it didn't last long. Had trouble making them stick with my sons 25# bow. Will turn it up to 30 or 35 next trip.

They were thrashing like crazy last weekend on the south side of goose island in some grass beds.  This was just after sunrise.  Wish my buddy had brought his bow!


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