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So I have put down probably 20 pigs over the last few years for myself and other folks.  I have always used a .22 pistol.  Bang, drop stone dead.  Today I used the .22 CCI Quiets.  They are quite a bit quieter than a regular .22 long.  I shot the first pig this morning from about 2 feet away.  Pig shook her head and walked off.  Shot the second on same distance and did the same thing, shook his head and ran into his house, neither shot penetrated the skull.   :yike:  Used a .22 long and kapang, dropped dead.  I would not recommend using the .22 Quiets. 

I've used them and they worked fine.  Probably because I didn't shoot in the thickest part of the skull.  I usually drop some grain on the ground, let them put their snout to the ground, and then just put the 22 rifle right behind the ear and drop it point blank.  Then a quick stick to bleed out before it starts kicking.

This may seem obvious, but they are quieter because itís less of a powder charge.  :chuckle:


At least you have the quiet shells to blame your crappy shooting on.
Just kidding.


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