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2017 HuntWA Christmas Gift Exchange - ALL DONE! Merry Christmas!

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Hey Gang, since no one else has, I'll step up. But, we have to get moving to make sure everyone gets taken care of before Christmas.

1. All participants must be recent posters to the Forum with a minimum of 20 posts prior to this post.
2. Sing up finalized..
3. I will use a random generator to pick who gets whom for the swap.
4. Each person will be responsible for the next person on the list. The last person on the list will provide for the first person on the list.
5. Presents must be sent no later than the 15th.
6. The value of the gift should be at least $20 and need not be hunting-related. Home-made gifts are fine.
7. To sign up, simply reply to this post "(your forum handle) is in." For example: "pianoman9701 is in".
8. Once you've made contact with your gift recipient, post again. Once you've shipped, post again. Once you've received your gift, post again.

If you want to be an alternate who can cover someone's gift in case they meet too many challenges after they sign up, please say so in your post. If you're someone who meets too many challenges after you sign up, PM me and I'll get you covered.

All presents have shipped or will today! Well done everyone. Merry Christmas!

I'm in. H20hunter.

Also, if I may make a suggestion.  We need a few volunteers to cover a gift if needed. Some times things come up, it happens.  Nobody needs to be left out. Please put me as a volunteer on that list as well.


I am in Vandeman17

Dan-o is in.   

Thanks, pman.   I've always enjoyed this.


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