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Keegan Wilder fundraiser auction lucky #13 Custom made Wazukie knife

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We are rolling out auction #13 for Keegan.  Keep on pulling together for this kid and his family and let's do what we can to lighten their load a little. All of you have done an amazing job of helping these folks through a tough time.

If you haven't heard Keegan's story, here is a bit of background from Karl Blanchard

 "Keegan Wilder is not your typical 7th grader.  He's a hardened mountain mule deer hunter.  Though he's a little small in stature,  he has the heart of a lion and is just as fierce!  He had been feeling a faint pain for a few months but nothing that would have caused concern.  Almost felt like a pulled muscle.  He asked to be taken into the urgent care because he was having a hard time breathing without any pain.  He was immediately referred to Seattle Children's where the family was given the devasting news after several blood tests, xray, and ultrasounds that he indeed had cancer.  The mass is quite large behind his rib cage growing towards his lung.  He had surgery within one day where they biopsied the mass to determine the exact kind of cancer (so they know what appropriate treatment to provide for that type of cancer) and also placed a port for his chemotherapy.

He recently had to have his port moved which involved a second surgery.  He is having a difficult time keeping weight on so a feeding tube has been placed to help him get the calories he needs. 

Keegan is the toughest kid you will ever meet.  From the age of 5 he has been chasing his dad and I into some of the toughest mule deer country the west has to offer.  His first deer at age 10 was over 7 miles into the Idaho backcountry.  Even though he is on round 5 of chemo and very weak, he is always smiling. 

Keegan and family still have a tough road ahead of them and can use our support.  Life can be so cruel and no child should ever have to go through what Keegan has.  Let's help make this dark time a little brighter."

Our longtime member Wazukie has donated a not yet created custom knife that he will make specifically for the winner of this auction. Here's a few photos of other knives he has created in the past. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Bidding will start now and run until Wednesday 1/10/18 at 6pm. Winning bid will be id'd by the forum time stamp.

Happy bidding and good luck!!

@Karl Blanchard

Let's start this one off now!!

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Right on, guys...thank you!


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