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Stolen Springfield XDs .45acp

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Springfield XDs 3.3 in 45acp Serial Number XS606860 stolen from a vehicle at Hyak Ski Area on February 24, 2018.

Gun in Desantis SofTuk holster with Pachmayr slip on rubber grip and two 5 round magazine with Pearce pinky extensions.

Reported to Kittitas Sheriff and posted to Hotgunz, WaGuns, etc.

Calvin Rayborn:
Punks! Not trying to hijack thread but did they break a window? Jimmy the door? Just curious as to their MO.


Jimmied the door. If you own a newer full size Ford, might be worth your while to do a little research on securing valuable stuff inside. Truck vault etc.

Turns out a F150, Expedition, etc are easily broken into with simple tools everyone has in their toolbox.

Iím looking into secondary alarms, strong boxes or a ball chomping dog for added security.

Calvin Rayborn:
Darn! Sorry for your loss. Will keep eyes peeled around the basin.


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