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Anyone have quality pure Boer goats in Washington?

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Have a couple 4-H kiddos looking for purebred or high percentage Boer goats. Preferably in Snohomish county but I assume they'd be willing to travel a bit for the right animal. Looking for kids or even a bred/open doe. Must be properly disbudded or horned. No scurs allowed. Preferably properly disbudded as I believe that's required for 4-H showmanship.

If anyone has a line on a quality animal or 3, let me know.


dang things are spendy!

I see them on FB all the time on this side, thinking about trying one see if it's edible..I've never ate goat  :dunno:

You may have to find a vet or debud them yourself.  It's a nasty and heinous thing to do,  I did some beef once never again it was too much for me to watch and I've been working, doctoring, neutering, butchering animals my whole life.  They do have burners and paste, but cutting them off is the quickest way.


I have a line on Nubians if you just want to try one for table fare. My inlaws will have kids this spring and she usually doesn't keep the bucks as she has a couple really nice herd bucks already. She sells a bunch as meat animals.

Best way to fix goat meat:
Pre-heat overn to 450 dgrees. 
Place goat meat on a pine shingle. 
Season and roast for 2 hours. 
Once meat is done throw out the goat meat and eat the shingle. 
:)  Just kidding!!


--- Quote from: KFhunter on February 28, 2018, 10:40:57 AM ---thinking about trying one see if it's edible..I've never ate goat  :dunno:

--- End quote ---

You should try a hair sheep, VERY tasty!  Not like a woolie at all.


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