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2018 Season.... Any takers?

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Well, it's now March - when do you guys usually get started on your bowfishing? I'm a fair-weather bowfisher, myself - I like to be out in the summer heat and wearing shorts, possibly indulging in an adult beverage... But I'm not averse to stretching my season, either - been thinking about getting out early this year and trying my luck. When does everybody really get started, and how do you approach it in the early season? Before the spawn I think it would be harder to find fish, but maybe I'm mistaken...?

I start in April some years if temps are higher. They are usually deep though so a lot more shooting then killing get done :chuckle:

That sounds like most of my trips.... :chuckle:

There is a big swim channel that I like to sit over and just have drove after drove of fish go by. Very easy to ware out the arm even on lighter bows. Hard to get the penetration as well when in the deeper water with the lighter bows.

Where are the guided bow fishing spots? How much does it cost for two people for a day? And when is the best time?


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