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What arrow weight iseveryone shooting? Iím sitting right about 470 but thinking I might try adding a brass insert to add weight and test it out. Listening to a few podcasts and it sounds like a 500 grain plus arrow would be a good idea for elk

444 for me, from my research and trusting people who have a ton more experience killing elk, I am very confident at that arrow weight pulling about 65 pounds.  I am pretty limited with a 31" draw at 65 pounds, you run out of spine pretty quick at 125 grains up front.

I believe the 6 grains per pound of draw weight is a perfect start.  Going any heavier is a personal choice.  I prefer a flatter shooting arrow.  When you guess 35 yd shot but the elk is 45 shooting a 500 grain arrow is going to make a huge difference on impact point or even hit and miss.  Rarely do I ever get a chance to pull out the range finder to get exact yardage.  that being said I shoot 425 grains at 66lbs

Come Get Some:
I shoot 550 grains for both deer and elk. I have been blessed with a long draw length. 31" and 70 lbs , 550 grain stiff arrow . MMMMMMMMM!!!!The kinetic energy my set up produces is deadly on EVERYTHING and flatter down range than a light arrow. Remember kinetic energy and speed are measured at the bow or close to it. Heaver arrows carry kinetic energy to longer distances and penetrate much better. A light arrow placed in the right spot will kill an elk, but with all of the variables involved why take the chance. My arrows go clear thru no matter what the angle or distance.

Currently I'm at 452 grains but I'm going to see how some 150 grain points fly which would bump me up to 477. It's only to test my curiosity though, as 420 grain arrows did just fine with my older (slower) bow and Shuttle T's. Personally I think if you have a modern bow set at 70lb and at least a somewhat average draw length, you'll have plenty of arrow weight if you're shooting anywhere from 260-290 fps. I go for that speed range more than arrow weight because it's nice and forgiving for broad head accuracy.


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