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Author Topic: Harvest stats  (Read 1273 times)

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Re: Harvest stats
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2018, 02:15:36 PM »
I wouldnít mind a better system for mandatory reporting. My father law said in Wisconsin you had X amount of time to go to a check station to get your animal tagged and a butcher could not accept without such tag. Total number of licenses and amount of kill tags issued would be more accurate than a 10$ fee. The fee only to me shows that on the $ís are cared about, not animal populations.
That would work for tags that are filled, but I suspect the vast majority of tags that aren't reported are for unfilled or unused tags.

Thatís ok. My thought is at least we have a better gauge on the actual number of harvested animals. The only ones not included would be those who self-butcher. Which I assume is a small %. Then just charge the 10$ or 15$ (since there would be less unreported kills) for anyone who does not report. Whether the tag is unused or I unfilled  will be irrelevant. They are the same to me, no animal was harvested from their truck or couch. I donít care how many people actually had time to go hunting. I just want an accurate take of animals taken. Trend reports would mean more that way. As it is now you canít trust any number. I could fill my tag every year and just pay the 10$. No system is perfect but it could definitely improve

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Re: Harvest stats
« Reply #16 on: May 13, 2018, 06:34:07 PM »
The state just needs to move to a system where in order for your TAG to be valid when punched you must register it online as harvested.  So these numbers are accurate

yeah, more rules thats what we need.   :chuckle:


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