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This category has gotten a little cold, we haven't seen a post since March. I would think that people would be out this time of year checking into the local carp population and maybe thinning it out a little bit. Since I can't seem to get away from my job and kids, I kind of need to live vicariously through those that can... Anyone doing anything at all? Any reports from the Potholes area would be appreciated, since I never know when fortune will smile on me and let me get away for a day or two...  :)

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I love shooting carp!

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Been out twice on the nice days this year. Been fun.

Headed out today. Has anyone been out??

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Deere Man jumping into the Webber Coulie to retrieve my arrow that got stuck in the reeds... in his skivies no less! And his boy holding up one of the fish...

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