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Author Topic: The pressure of having high point count for special permits-going for it  (Read 2179 times)

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Only certainty with Washington draws is you are 100% guaranteed not to draw if you don't apply

Boom. You nailed it again.

As much as I cringe at the potential repercussions of saying this...I'm a great example of the opposite end of this conversation, and there are a lot of others who have been relatively successful in the draws like I have. I have drawn a quality deer tag with 4 points, a buck deer permit with 6 points and a goat tag with 9 points. This is the first year I'll have double digit points in any category.
I'm feeling good about drawing another buck deer tag this year, we'll see. I don't apply for the top end hunts that a lot of others do, but I've had nothing but amazing experiences with those hunts that I have drawn so far.

I hate you...  :bash: :bash:


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The pressure comes when you draw that once in a lifetime tag!!
I would like that pressure.

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20 pts here. I gave up on the illusion a few years ago but now I have so many I just canít stop buying them every year. Last year I drew a archery White River tag but wait FIRE ended that before it began. I say everyone has a dream area so go for it, if you pull it out of your a** Awesome if you donít maybe next year..  But you never will if you donít try.  Good luck to all

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I have 15 points in all categories.. never been drawn for anything. Would love to stop putting in, but at the point where it would be stupid not too. Good luck to all.

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The pressure hits when you draw, or even worse (pressure)  when a friend or family member draws.  Expectations are high and you don't want to let them down.  I've experienced both highs and lows of friends and family draws the last few years. 

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I hear a lot of talk about why someone is going to apply points only and plans to draw when they have 20 etc. I'll admit I struggle with it too, should I apply for Quality Elk Eastside or West? Do you choose the most popular area where you've seen people get Big Bulls, but you've never been there, it's 5 hours away and you really don't have a plan. I read an article recently in Eastman's where Guy Eastman referenced " point paralysis" Trying to wait for the perfect time and simply acquiring more points, along with everyone else who applies. This year I decided to go for it in a Westside unit (in the Olympics) I know well. Is it perfect? nope, but no unit really is. I'm well above the average to draw, but nothing's a gimme. If I'm fortunate enough to draw, I'll be hitting it hard and trying to kill the big Rosie I dreamed of when I first hunted this unit as a teenager. Good luck to everyone in the draws. Here's to steep ground, big timber and Big Bulls  :brew:

Good luck and I hope you draw! How many points going in?

Iíll have 19 in this draw, like I said there are no gimmes, but I feel good about the unit Iíve chosen. You start getting up in the 18+ range itís easy to get hung up on only using your points on one of the highest demand units, but the odds are still better of never drawing them

I think that is my problem too.  As I gain more points (16 now), it makes me not want to "burn them" on a mid-quality hunt.  However, my odds of drawing go down when I put in for those rock-star units/dates...

...Oh well... someone's gonna draw them.... :dunno:
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