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2018 Youth success!

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Awesome bear guys. congrats

youth hunter did a great job!! whats the update of him now in 2021?


--- Quote from: WyatBaker on July 10, 2021, 03:16:08 AM ---youth hunter did a great job!! whats the update of him now in 2021?

--- End quote ---

Sorry, hadn't seen this post or request for how my son has done over the years.  He has become quite the hunter and absolutely loves to hunt.  Since his first bear, he has killed an additional 4 bears, 4 deer, quite a few turkeys and this year got his first moose.  His nickname is the "bear whisperer" in our realm of hunters / friends / family due to his uncanny ability to kill bears.  He is quite the marksman and is an absolute amazing shot.  His Alberta bear was a 500 yard shot and he hit the 10 ring destroying the heart.  As a dad....I couldn't be more proud of how he is turning out as a young man and hunter. 

He has also grown to be very patient, enjoying the hunt equally as much as pulling the trigger.  He passed on multiple moose this year during an 8 day hunt looking for a quality bull.  Day 7 that attitude changed and we took a younger bull to fill the freezer.  He had passed bigger bulls that would have been easy shots but just wasn't quite what he wanted.  I figured he would be down / depressed for ending up with a small bull.....but he amazed me when he was happy as a pig in slop, enjoying every minute of a long hunt.  He learned a tremendous amount on this hunt and showed me he was mature beyond his years.  I have no doubt he will kill a bigger bull in the coming enjoying the hunt and embracing the suck was way more valuable that whacking a monster on day one.....though we would dealt with that if it had happened.   :chuckle:

This year he is looking for a bigger buck so he has held out for the late whitetail season....Cross your fingers he whacks a nice one.   :tup: :tup:

Here is a picture of his Alberta Bear. 


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