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Thinking about planning a hunt for 2020 on either prince of whales or Kodiak and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for one or the other, and also any recommendations for lodging,  looks like a hunt on prince of whales may be cheaper.


Coffman Cove Adventures. Start there amd check out their website.

Raspberry island remote lodge is one I've thought hard about going to but haven't been able to pull the trigger yet.


I can only give advise on kodiak since i've never hunted the other. There is a bunch of different ways to enjoy kodiak. We flew out and stayed in tents for the duration of our hunts. I triple bagged the meat and sunk it in the lake to keep it cool.Bear fence depends on your ability to sleep well through the night.(hehe) This year was a bad year for bears stealing hunters deer because of low salmon numbers.
You can reserve and rent state cabins at different locations and base hunt out of there. More secure sleeping as well as from the wind.
You can also stay on a boat transport and have them ferry you to a beach and be dropped off everyday and picked up every evening. I've never done it but lots of guys that have love this option.
You can also stay in town and rent a car and hunt the road system.Not as exciting if your making the trip all the way up there,I would only consider this if you arrived and weather had you stuck in town.
Things to take into account is the weather and being stuck in anchorage or kodiak so figure that into the equation when planning arrival and departure.Our last hunt there was Pretty exciting because of this,Trying to squeeze in and out between weather.
If hiring a air taxi call them at least 12 months in advance and start talking with them and figuring out logistics as well as weight restrictions.
Have i said Be prepared for bad weather?Good rain gear and boots is a must!If your tenting it make sure it is a bomb proof tent.My alaska guide model 6 man lasted 1 hour and snapped the poles and shredded the tent in 50 mph winds. thankfully we had a 4 man to put gear in that we slept in and garbage bagged all our stuff out side.Good water filter for getting water to cook.
Great place to hunt and unforgetable scenery. There is a place that will cut and wrap your deer in town if needed.We buy wax boxes at walmart and take all our meat as checked luggage heading home. Let me know if you have any other questions i can help with.


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