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Record book Beaver?

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Bruce, Could you high light this- Ed C.

Unofficial Record book for Washington State- If you have a large heavy beaver, Please weigh it and get a picture and send it into the Forum.  If you can find a certified scale and witness that would be great, but for now a picture would be a great start. If you have that wide tail for Humptulips' contest it might a record in the making so weigh it and send a picture. Lets find out what's out there.

I've got to look and I might have a picture of a giant on the scale.  64# with a gnarled up tail from a presumed propeller injury.  This was 2011-12 I believe and a true giant.  Made the two year olds look like muskrats  :chuckle:

All that to say, Tag

Never got a weight on this guy but it felt way heavier than the 65lb’ers I’ve caught

Trapper John:

Boy oh boy, the year I had my heart attack I caught a 86# in a Hancock trap on Lake Washington.  Had it weighted on a certified scale too.
I never took a picture.

I talked with Judge: Doodle Stuart up on the Colville Indian Reservation a few years back before he died and he told me that he took two beavers on the Reservation that went 125# each.  Doodle was a snareman and very active with WSTA back in the 80's.  If you look at History (1800's) there was a lot of big beaver taken.

I trap the Snohomish River a couple of years ago for a guy on a complaint and I took several that I would say were in the high 60's low 70's.
So guys those big beavers are out there.  Take a look at those big rivers they produce some big beavers.

Lets see if we can find them this season.  Be careful and be safe.  Good Luck
JC   :hello:

That one is a beast Jason I remember that was one of your first to haha good luck to everyone this year!


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