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Heads up on "WTB" or Want to Buy ads.


I saw on Rokslide today there was a guy who ended up scamming a few people out of money. The person reached out to multiple people who posted want to buy ads, told them they had the item that person was looking for. The person looking paid for the item and then the seller/scammer never shipped the item. Just a heads up. If you're posting WTB ads and get approached by someone, do what you can to ensure it's legit.

Here's the thread on Rokslide with more info. Lots of people were approached by this person.

Paypal Goods and Services has some insurance in this regard, but that comes with a fee. I believe friends and family paypal gives you no coverage for a situation like this so if it happens, you're SOL.

I will say here what I said over there, basically quit being cheap and pay the 3% fee for the PayPal protection. Itís saved me more than once. And this goes for all purchases and WTB posts.

It's been popping up on 24HCF lately too.

since this is a more or less 'localized' group of people, face to face when dealing with "new" members is a good idea.


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