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Going traditional....need advice / help

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I am going to purchase a traditional bow in hopes of hunting with it next year.  I have bow hunted since I was 8 years old and always hunted with a compound.  Not sure why....but I now have the bug to go old school.  Most of my elk have been shot at under 30 yards. 

My questions....

Recurve vs long bow??  pretty sure a recurve is what I want, any reason not to?
Draw weight??  is 50-55 lb good enough.
How does draw length work??  Do all recurves work with all draw lengths?  I shoot a 30" compound right now. 
What kind of arrows...carbon vs wood. 

Which bow manufacturers make a good recurve.  What about takedowns? 

I am sure I will have more questions but this should get me started. 

thanks in advance


Starting out I would opt a longer length recurve. Shooting 30" compound, your draw length shooting traditional will be 28-28 1/2".
You will enjoy going more traditional as I know you love the challenge of getting close👍
You know how to get a hold of me with questions! I also have several options you can try to help make the decision!

Pick up a decent cheaper recurve. Samick is a decent cheap bow to start out with
Your draw, is one to two inches to start out. shorter typically than shooting compound.

Long bows are less forgiving than a recurve

Iíd pick up a 62 inch 45 to 50 lb take down recurve to start out develop good consistent shooting.

I always preferred heavy aluminum arrow. But wood or a heavy carbon works fine. I think a tab is better for a beginner vs a glove. Or check amazon but three rivers has great CS.

Hiya, where are you located? I would be glad to let you shoot a few longbows and recurves to see which you prefer. I have been a bowhunter for over 50 years, starting before compounds were invented so prefer the simple side. Although I did hunt and target shoot with a compound for a few years I got bored with the mechanical aspects and went back to stickbows. Not coincidentally I have built around 100 recurves,  longbows and countless arrows.

I  have successfully taught bow building and coached traditional archery to many youth and adults. We have 6 acres here in Gig Harbor with target butt and a couple of 3d critters - also I have been a member of Kitsap Archers for 30 + years.

Iím hesitant to say this because some folks take it wrong... Iím definitely not a Ďtrad puristí, but I find that when I go into the woods carrying a compound I feel like an intruder, a mechanic. Carrying a light, simple stickbow I become part of the woods... I belong there. I start to think like a predator, moving quietly anticipating where the prey is.

So, if you want to know more about the simple side of archery I will be happy to give you some pointers. And its certainly fine with me if you want to stay with the compound - we are all brothers of the bow.

Boss .300 winmag:
Iíve got  this recurve browning if you want it, it measures 59Ē top to bottom, no other info on it then the pick.


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