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I'm not new to archery by any means. Been shooting since I was about 10 or 12 but new to arrow building. I've always just bought the factory fletched arrows by the dozen, threw on whatever broadhead caught my eye for the season and sent it. Maybe I want to improve my accuracy or maybe I'm just bored in the off-season but I want to start tailoring my equipment to my specific setup.

Here's what I have -

Easton 340 FMJs
Cut 29.75 inches from end to end (not including the nock)
100gr Stinger Buzzcuts
Have been using the 2in Blazer veins.
Mathews Halon 6 @ 60lbs

My current FOC is 7.915%.

What I've been reading and finding online is that I should be somewhere between 12-20% FOC. The easy solution is buying a heavier head but I already have a dozen of the 100gr Buzzcuts and after a few succesful seasons with them I don't want to change (superstition or sentimental...I'm not sure).

A few questions that I have -

1) Inserts vs Collars - The inserts maintain the OD of the arrow and add weight to move FOC forward. The collars add rigidity to the front of the arrow shaft but increase OD (increased drag on penetration). Which do you prefer?

2) I'm a right handed shooter. Should I be doing a left or right helical? Straight?

3)Arrow wraps - I'm leaning towards white so I can visualize the blood but my eyes pick up neon green and/or orange really well. Which do you recommend and what brand?

4) What jig do you recommend? I prefer something solid and reliable but see that price ranges drastically on these for some reason. Quality and consistency is more important than price for this but lets be reasonable (lets say under $100).

Thanks for all the help

I am a beginner as well.  I tried a few jigs and ended up with the Bohning Helical.  It seems to work perfect every time as long as I get it lined up and the nock all the way down into the jig.

Point weight: Guessing that you have the normal HIT insert you could switch to the brass version to add the weight.

Helical: That's up to you to find the sweet spot. All things being equal I'd rather mine be straight fletched but I'm more accurate with about a 3 degree helical on mine. The amount depends on the shooter/setup. A left helical has a tendency to loosen broadheads.

Wraps: My 2 favorite colors are pink and white. Greens, yellows, and oranges, can be a pain to pick out of summer and fall foliage. For solid colors the Bohnning ones are fine, for custom wraps Onestringer is a great place to work with.

Jig: A Bitzenberger would be your best bet. The price is reasonable and they give you the ability to experiment with your fletchings. If you're going to stick with 2" vanes and just want as much helical as you can an EZ Fletch mini is a pretty sweet little jig.


Are you guys running inserts or collars? It seems to go either way with the youtube celebrities on which they prefer. I'm leaning more towards the inserts since it maintains the streamline shaft but do like the idea of increased rigidity on penetration that the collar offers.

Dont worry about foc. I dont think its an important statistic to even consider :twocents:

If I had your draw length, id go to a 300 spine arrow, add a 50 or 75 grain insert and pick whatever color arrow wrap you think looks good.

For a fletching jig, i have an Arizona ez feltch. Its not perfect but it's ok.


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