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Idaho elk hunting near WSU/ palouse zone 8,8A,11A

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I am going to be attending WSU this fall and was thinking of buying my Idaho elk tag to do some archery hunting as it would be much closer and give me more days and time spent hunting than driving 5 hours back home.  I have never hunted Idaho before and have been researching it and I'm trying to decide what zone to buy a tag for and where to hunt. I was thinking of maybe buying the palouse tag for units 8, 8A, and 11A as this is the closest zone to Pullman and would be the most convenient zone to hunt. If anyone has any experience in this zone I would like to hear some success stories/ what to expect or tips on where to go scout or if this zone isn't the best for elk and if I should look elsewhere into other zones instead. Any info on deer hunting in this area would be welcomed as well as I may buy a deer tag also. Since I'm a broke college kid I want to make the most out of purchasing an out of state tag so any and all information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

theres elk I see plenty driving thru there. With any unit you get what you put into it. If you are willing to scout and have general knowledge of calling and elk hunting you will do just fine

Mostly private property, check out Idaho fish and game interactive maps.  It will show you all the private and public land in the Palouse zone.

Naches Sportsman:
Lots and lots of people on the public and huntable (free access with permit from their office) private land. Is like a war zone if you post up where the elk are during the season.

If I was a broke college kid thinking about dumping 800 on tags in a neighboring state, I would hunt the state I had residency in. Not many people that I have classes with can afford 800 dollars in 3 pieces of paper and actually save money hunting the state they have residency in. :twocents:

Not great hunting, but there's elk to be had just an hour or two north of you in WA. Archery season is the time to find them.


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