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Picked up a Cajun Sucker Punch this last weekend. Have a hell of a time tuning it. How much effort do you guys put into tuning your fishing rigs.
 Assuming using fingers after a release for 20 years is mostly the culprit for a left tear that won't go away.

What is the arrow doing??

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Getting a left kick.

That's why I assume it's my fingers, no cam lean at draw, at least that I can see. Buried the rest into the riser, then went all the way out. (Incremently)   kicks left.
 Gonna head to Kaposwin hear next day or so, try to "water tune". Probably give it a dance with my release, so to eliminate my bad form with fingers from the equation. :dunno:  vertical looks pretty good,

Got it.  "Started bare shaft tuning" but with the string attached. Moved the bottle out to the right, centered up the rest and was almost perfect from the start. Some small adjustments horizontal, and a pretty large vertical and shes good to go. I've read they like to ride knock high, mines about 3/8!" . Looks funny as hell but shoots good now.


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