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Really appreciate seeing this clear policy!  :tup:  I left the forums a long time ago because they all seemed to be just another version of Facebook with all the negativity, childish egos, and critical BS. Imagine being new or inexperienced and being degraded, made fun of, etc. These forums provide an opportunity to share information, teach, and learn from others. Appreciate all those who keep this forum positive and valuable!

 :tup: :tup: :tup:

Hey new guy, don't be putting in for units your not familiar with! What do you think this is! I suppose you want to know exactly where the biggest bull sleeps too huh... Or what shrub the biggest buck lays his head under! Well your not getting any help from me! Stop long arming all your pictures too! All of your animals look like they were shot in Hollywood! It's ridiculous... And there is no way that your friends brother knows of a friend's uncle's new friend from work who has seen a deer that big. Never happened....

There I got them all out on this one thread...    :chuckle:

Thank you HuntWA mods!

And no more TWO POINT posts!!!!


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