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Re: Taxidermist Troubles
« Reply #30 on: November 23, 2007, 11:28:37 PM »
Wow what a mess. I havn't met Michelle but she sounds like she has a well run business. I guess I am fortunate to have found the taxidermist that has done all my work for many many years, Garth Gildon at Fidalgo Taxidermy. Besides Michelle he is another trustworthy person to handle your mounts.
I agree huntnphool! Sad deal all around. I also have some of Garth and Tami's work on my wall. They mounted one of my blacktails and a Raccoon a few years ago and of course their work is amazing. Great folks, great experience!

I also agree with Michelle's comments. I had a part time Taxi business for several years. You really do gain a lot of respect for these folks doing professional Taxidermy for a livelyhood. I can see why the true professionals charge what they do. The vast majority of customers are great. But every once in a while you get one who will bring in a hide or cape that is really poorly taken care of and the expectation is that you as the taxidermist can turn a piece of crap into a piece of wildlife art.

That being said, I have no reason to question Coasthunterjay and what has happened to him. There are bad apples out there doing taxidermy work. That's why it is extremely important to check references of potential taxidermists and inspect their work. Do not choose a taxidermist by the cheapest price or by the quickest turn around time!

The quality of a finished mount is so much better when a fresh specimen is properly prepared & taken care of immediately & completely from the get-go. Contrast this with a trophy that has been left in the back of a truck all weekend or a throat that has been cut or a buck that was dragged 1/4 mile down a gravel road, or the hunter who has improperly caped his trophy, or a properly caped trophy that was salted with rock salt and thrown in a freezer for a month unprotected. There is no comparison and it happens more than you think. That's why there is such a need for replacement capes.

Unfortunately, there are some taxidermists that are like the one described by Coasthunterjay (And I am not familiar with this particular taxidermist). Like Michelle, If someone brings in a questionable hide, I let them know before they leave the shop what the situation is.  I also call them immediately If a cape/hide slips. Being upfront about a questionable situation is just good business. As a hunter, I respect and appreciate a straight forward analysis of the condition of my trophy.

I had very few problems with customers simply because of being up front. These days I enjoy doing our own taxidermy (When we kill something worthy) and it's rewarding being able to preserve our trophies that serve as a representation of our family adventures.


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