Author Topic: Grrrr, Trap thieves!!  (Read 5793 times)

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Re: Grrrr, Trap thieves!!
« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2019, 09:44:36 PM »
Dog gets caught in hidden trap on oublic land.  Dog owners fault.  Ok I got it now thanks.  😂. I’m not opposed to trapping, and my question was not really aimed at legal “fault” or what people should and shouldn’t do. I was just curious at how you could expect a dog owner to not be pissed at having their dog trapped?  That seems an unreasonable expectation to me.  People are emotionally attached to their animals and get mad or scared when they are in distress.  That’s pretty normal.  But maybe these days dogs are supposed to be on play dates and riding around in front seats in designer cardigans and not out in the mountains running free?  I do know, my dogs probably too fat to get caught in a wild animal trap anyhow.  Lazy old lab syndrome.  Hope they nail the guy whole stole the trap.  I think most of us out there in the woods get along just fine, and user conflicts are largely the stuff of theory, the greed or myopic vision of special interest groups, or the result of run of the mill dips@!$s (like the trap thief mentioned above).
I don't think you do get it. It's not the dog owners fault or the trappers fault when a dog gets caught. It is just a consequence of multiple user groups using the woods.
Why then should the dog owner or anyone get mad and steal or destroy the trappers equipment? Take the dog out of the trap and move on. Maybe the dog gets a lesson and stays out of the next trap it encounters.
Bruce Vandervort

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Re: Grrrr, Trap thieves!!
« Reply #31 on: November 25, 2019, 08:48:43 AM »

Idaho has a great video on how to release your dog from a trap and they go to a lot of places and give dog owners demonstration.  Most modern traps do zero damage to a dog's foot.  Almost all the coyotes I catch could be released unharmed.
Fred Moyer

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