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Mortgage Hunter:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank and it's members for the warm welcome that I've received since becoming a member.  Owning a business that was founded on the concept of "Sportsmen Helping Sportsmen", I really appreciate the site for supporting my business & accepting me as a Sponsor. To me it's also important that the membership know that I joined this site first as a HUNTER, not as a business...(We all know our passion for hunting comes before just about everything, right.)  :chuckle:

Being a new member, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Erik Reault, and I own & operate Mortgage Hunter; the only independent loan origination service dedicated to serving the home loan needs of the Hunting & Fishing Communities.  I understand that I'm not your typical outdoor related sponsor like Cabelas, etc.  But, like the other sponsors, my service is for you. 

When I first started Mortgage Hunter, my goal was to create business that would take my enjoyment for my work to the next level by combining it with my true passions...HUNTING & FISHING!  Thanks to the warm welcome that I've received from the hunting and fishing community, I'm proud to say nearly 100% of my business is by referral from satisfied clients.  I've accomplished this by providing fellow Sportsmen/women with not only the lowest interest rates, but the guidance needed to make an informed financial decision.  After 10 years in the business as an Independent Loan Specialist, I've realized that I share more than just just a love of the outdoors with my clientele.  It's about sharing common values that has made it successful.  Unfortunately, most people have had at least one very bad experience working with a lender while refinancing or purchasing a home.  So, for me, it's extremely rewarding to work with new clients because for many it's their first positive and enjoyable loan experience; something which has sadly become a rarity in this business.  If you too are ready to receive the pricing and service you deserve; before purchasing your new home or refinancing your current loan, call me.  No games, no pressure...just clear explanation and honest answers from Sportsmen you can trust.

Thanks again for your support, and I look forward to working with you.  Call me today...206-852-9964 or visit me online at  Same day pre-approvals on great loan programs at the lowest rates!

Check me, and the other local sponsor out online by visiting the Sponsors Page!


Well, I'm not exactly sure what you do, but welcome and thanks for being a sponsor to the site.

Mortgage Hunter:
Thanks for the welcome, and sorry for the confusion, Bone.  The last thing I want is to pollute this site with/ a bunch of advertising.
So, I'll quickly clarify what I do.....I do home loans (both purchase & refinances).  I also do a lot of construction loans.  Basically, if your looking to buy or build a new home, refinance your current loan, consolidate debts, lower your rate, or get cash out for home improvements....I'm your guy.  If your interested you can call or email me...Enough Said!
Most of all....I'm a hunter just like you .  We've all waited many long months for hunting to start back up...So, let's get back to BS'n about hunting!

Too bad you are not in the 509 code.  :dunno:
Thanks for joining, being a sponsor, and the quick qualifying way of telling us what you do.
Edit is here:
I spoke with Erik and he IS able to do business in any area code in the state. I will be using his services on our next house if we decide that our area is getting too crowded. And to Erik thanks again for the long telephone conversation.


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