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As I continue my quest to develop a load for my 7mm-08 that even vaguely resembles the accuracy I get in my 7 mag, I've come across this term several times. Many use it like a common term we should all just know. In my research, I've developed a rudimentary understanding of it, the idea of timing the exit of your bullet with harmonics that reach the end of your barrel at, or at nearly, the same time allowing the least amount of deviation of the bullet leaving the barrel, allowing for the best accuracy.

There appear to be methods of determining this without gross amounts of shooting and testing. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Alan K:
QuickLoad seems to get me in the ballpark when first starting development, then I fine tune from there.

Quickload is a program that you need to purchase correct?


Good review of shooting a ladder, and Optimum barrel time.
Quickload tips


--- Quote from: 7mmfan on February 14, 2020, 03:27:19 PM ---Quickload is a program that you need to purchase correct?

--- End quote ---

Yes, but it won't tell you much until you accurately measure your fired case volume ( weight the water it holds) and accurately measure your average velocity from a couple fired rounds.  Then with this data and measurements of your cartridge and bullet you can start getting educated what-ifs as you change powder.  To develop an accurate load with it you must subscribe to the optimum barrel time theory that suggests your node is reached at a specific time the bullet is in the barrel based on barrel length.  Quickload gives you that time - adjust your load so the two times meet and viola ! Instant accuracy.   If only it worked so easy - but sometimes it does.   Usually if you are new to it you get a good load dialed in after a few hundred rounds because you get to be a better shooter by then - was it you or the load?   


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