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So after talking to a land owner last year i was convinced to put my son in for this hunt. Has anyone had any success with this after putting in and talking to a few people seems like the youth get screwed on this hunt and the Master hunters get the calls. Any input would be appreciated as my son drew

O. hemionus:
PM sent

Why don't you call the hunt coordinator at region 5 and get the answer from the horses mouth on how the permits are drawn? Lots of people who aren't MHs bash the MH program and few of them know more than a tiny bit about the actual program or of what they're talking. Another thing: the MH program can be an exceptional and educational tool for young hunters. If he/she's old enough for some solid reading with comprehension, can shoot fairly well, wants to dedicate to something challenging, I would highly recommend it for a more in-depth understanding of conservation and our nation's history of hunting, ethics, etc.


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