Author Topic: 1010 Quality Archery Elk Tag (GMU's 162 & 163 excluding Forest Service land)  (Read 547 times)

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I drew a 1010 archery elk tag. The only bad part is that I accidently put in for the wrong tag. The tag is good for September 1-19 in GMU's 162 and 163 but excludes Forest Service lands and the Rainwater Wildlife Area which basically makes this a private land tag other than a few small chunks of BLM and DNR.

I've made some headway with private timber companies and struck out with Broughton Land Company but have yet to put boots on the ground and knock on doors. I'm looking at this hunt as a challenge and I will make the best of it. Just thought id reach out here to ask fellow Hunting Washington members if they had any input or suggestions. I've spent a lot of time in the Wenaha but not in this unit.

Thanks in advance.

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Will be tough getting access but can be done with boots on the ground work.  A lot of landowners feel that this tag is for them and not happy when others (non landowners) put in for it and draw it.  Some of them have got together and made sure that when this happens that none of them give the non-landowners any permission to discourage others putting in for "their" tag. Don't get me wrong, this is not how I feel but they do.  Will be a tough hunt without the proper access.  Good luck!  I'm rooting for ya!
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Thanks I appreciate it!


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