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Disabled Son's Deer Hunt: BUCK DOWN Y'ALL!

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Hey all, it was suggested that I post here as I'm looking for assistance to help on my son's first deer hunt.  My son is 11 years old and this will be his first year hunting.  Although he is beyond excited about this, both he and I (and of course his mama) have a great deal of concern due to his difficulty in walking any great distance.  My son was born without a right hip joint and a deformed right femur.  He has had at least 12 surgeries to grow and shape his body but he remains greatly limited in his mobility.  He tries to push himself and we don't go easy on him but I know that he is in constant pain and I would love to alleviate some of the difficulties and make this first year hunting a bit easier.  With these challenges, I'm looking to see if anyone has any nuisance deer or knows of where my son could have a chance to shoot an animal this fall.  I'm not looking for any sort of trophy buck, I just want him to have some success and ignite a love for hunting.  I understand that this may be a big ask but any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.


Here is where we are at friends and neighbors....

Pinetar is #1
√ Karl Blanchard $100 trigger stick and mcarbo trigger kit for that axis.
√ Wunderlich33 $100 Done
    rtspring $100
√ brokentrail $100
√ wadu1  Leatherman tool, 2 camp/blind stools
√ hunt6226 $100 Bad A ax!  :tup: And bibs.
√  THunt 100$, rangefinder shipped
√ elkaholic123 Burris spotting scope
√ jackelope Sony Action Cameras
   TriggerMike Bino’s
   cbond3318 youth top and bottom base layer and gloves.
√ Colville ground blind & Walkers muffs
   MtnMuley 10x42 Vortex binos
   ridgefire Boots
   Fl0und3rz Ammo 6.5 C Check
√ H20hunter via Rainshadow, knife
√ Huntnfmly...badlands daypack
√ Stein....full body carcass bag.
   Buckhunter24...euro mount.
   Steve Snyder of Ellensburg would like to donate the cut & wrap
√ pianoman9701 compass Delivered!
   b0bbyg LD22 Fenix Flashlight  and  Fenix HL30 Headlamp
√ cbond3318 Box of goodies from Idaho
√  Twispriver camera
√  NorthStar $200
√  WapitiTalk1, hunting log book and Legendary Whitetails Outfitter Hoodie, Inferno. Boo yah!

Loch Carswell
PO Box 272
Monroe, WA 98272

Karl Blanchard:
Welcome to the forum Josh! Your son sounds like a tough kid. Unfortunately I have no land or deer to offer but I can almost guarantee you that your son is gonna shoot his first deer due to a huntwa member. Some of the best and most generous people on planet earth reside on this forum  :tup:

 :yeah: :tup:

Ghost Hunter:
How far are you willing to drive?  Assuming modern?


No idea if this is a thing but do you know if a special permit could be issued for a muley doe on your neck of the woods?

For our OP I'm assuming he will be a rifle shooter? If he needs any equipment assistance I've got a 6.5 creed kimber ascent already dialed in with a suppressor he is welcome to.


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