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WWA Youth Hunt at Turnbull Refuge!

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Hi Team,

We received word that Turnbull will open their gates and let us manage the Youth hunt this year again. We are getting the flyer together, but I just wanted to drop a line now to see if there is much interest? There are 7 "blinds" and since we're in a COVID world, it will be 1 family per blind. So, you could potentially have 2 shooters and 2 adults in 1 blind if you're family. Check out the WWA-Spokane Facebook page for last year's pictures and flyer. There is a new Chairman that will start generating posts about it soon.  Thanks!

I have to check the dates, but would be highly interested.

Is this a special permit?

Special T:
no just unique hunting opportunity for kids

My son would be interested. I am new to hunting myself so something like this sure would be awesome.


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