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Hey everyone, my 14 year old son drew the any deer youth tag for this area this season. We have some familiarity with the area having spent a ton of time driving thru it but never actually hunting it. We are currently headed back from Idaho and stopped and chatted with a few landowners but unfortunately they have already granted others permission. We do currently have permission for a doe from one landowner but would really love to get him a buck. I’ve got some good advice from a couple people on here already but never hurts to have as many options as possible. So if anyone has had kids with this tag before or knows a landowner we could get in contact with it would be greatly appreciated. We prob only have opening weekend to get it done unless we can talk momma into letting him miss some “school”

Thanks in advance, Kevin


My 16 year old son also drew the same 'any deer' tag in Washtucna (GMUs 139, 142, 284, 381) and this would be his first deer.  I have no idea what area to target.  He would love even a small buck however, a doe would still make for a success trip.

There is plenty of feel free to hunt and state land in those units, no need for land owner permission to get a deer. And with it being any deer it should be a slam dunk.


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