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English cocker spaniels?

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The wife is wanting to get a English cocker spaniel in the near future. This will be her first field dog. Iím a lab guy so really donít know the first thing about these cockers. Can anyone point me to a few reputable breeders we can start a search around the pnw? Thanks!

My EFC is from Covey Flush kennels in Florida. Most of their breeders are imported from England, and all have very strong bloodlines. I think there is a breeder in the Portland area, but I donít know anything about them.

They are very happy, gentle, and loving dogs. The are also very energetic, athletic, and have a very high prey drive. Itís amazing how the switch flips when thereís game to be hunted. In the early days, cockers and springers came out of the same litters, with the only determining factor being size.

I think your wife would love an EFC, but they are a serous hunting dog (aka a real handful sometimes) and if she is just looking for a pet, then Iíd recommend a rescue mutt.

Good luck. Letís hear back if you get one...

Thanks for the info! Sheís looking for a dog she can hunt she thought it was the coolest thing when she saw my lab do his thing chasing grouse but she wants her own dog to train and something not as big as a lab. We are pretty active so itíll be pretty active. Thisíll be her first dog she trains to so sheís pretty excited to say the least.  Looks like most of the breeders sheís been looking at donít have something planned for awhile.

A Boykin spaniel is another option.

Iíve been trying to convince her on one of those for awhile and no dice. Iíd love to get a Boykin though


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