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English cocker spaniels?

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pens fan:
Let her see these boykin pups...

Oahe kennels, North Dakota, Tom Ness is a very accomplished trailer and breeder of field springers and field cockers. There's a fellow who lives on San Juan Island that is into Field Cockers, his name is Alfred DeFalco.

Lady Grouse hunter:
I HATE to say/share this as it is a Flushing dog not a Pointer, You WILL be running like hell to keep up after any dogs flushing any birds! Better be ready to run!

Lady Grouse hunter:
I'd say the 2 on the ground would be a GOOD mellow pup pic!

pens fan:
You are not the first to make that statement. But my phone was too slow to capture all 8 of them standing up.
Except for one, they were all pretty mellow when being paid attention to. But out in the grass or woods they were all over.


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