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English cocker spaniels?

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Whatís the puppy prognosis? Iím not a facebook guy, but my wife found a cool facebook page for English Cocker Spaniels - Field Bred Gun Dogs.

Congratulations on your dog choice.

I relocated from Ireland to WA last winter with my two cocker boys and we are looking forward to our first US season in the coming weeks.

Depending on what type of hunting you want them to do, the training can be very different to usual US styles.

I dont have an e-collar or tracking on my guys, as they never go more than 30/40 yards in front of me.

They work a quartering pattern back and forth as I walk through a field or along a hedgerow. They contact flush birds, so you do need to be ready to shoot, but in general you will see when they pick up a scent and start working a line.

Definitely look into whistle training as this is the most effective method used in the UK / Ireland. My guys come, sit, and get all direction from different whistle patterns.

Take a look on YouTube for "Nick Ridley" and also look up training for "rough shooting" or "walk up shooting" and you should find some good resources.

My guys are hard working dogs, and I usually spend the evening on the sofa pulling thorns out of them. There isnt a blackberry patch of hedgerow that they will shy away from.

They can be sensitive little souls, so one of my guys reacts well to a firm tone, the other just retreats into himself if you raise your voice.

I will have English cockers for the rest of my days as they are perfect for the style of shooting that I like to do.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am not an expert by any stretch (only had these guys for 3 years), but I have put in a lot of research and come from the land of this type of dog/hunting.


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