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English cocker spaniels?

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Covey Flush has a litter hitting the ground 9/29. They are usually pre-sold, but you never know. The size of the litter, and gender/color preferences can result in unsold pups.

Brittany spaniel is another one you could look at.  :tup:

My little girl is a English Springier but she's only 41 lb and I think under 40 lb is cocker land.  So she's close. I got her from "gun crazy bird dogs" and she's a amazing dog. Blue moon on hear also has and sometimes breeds Springier's. He knows far more about them and who breeds them than me.

Juggernaut Gun Dogs in Wisconsin
Ryglen Gun Dogs in Illinois
Field Bred Cockers in Oregon

I also think there is a guide who works at Ruggs Ranch down in Oregon who breeds them.

Given a choice I would take a hard look at Juggernaut and Ryglen. But I am sure there are others.

Iíd research kennels from the Northern FL to Southern GA quail belt.  Thatís where most of the great cockers come from.  The plantations down there use a ton of them to flush birds from the nasty thickets.  Field bred Cockers are awesome little dogs.  My wifeís parents just got one, and itís a retrieving beast at only 11 weeks old.


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