Author Topic: Long Range CVA Scout Muzzleloader Smokless Conversion  (Read 216 times)

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Long Range CVA Scout Muzzleloader Smokless Conversion
« on: September 30, 2020, 12:46:34 PM »
Long Range CVA Scout Muzzleloader Smokless Conversion

.45cal WA legal muzzleloader cape able of shooting 200+ with open sights. Shooting BH209 gets you 2400+ with a 300gr bullet. Uses a large rifle magnum primer. Will out perform Remington 700 UML on velocity. Also legal in some firearm restricted areas during modern season. A lot of these allow optics and make this effective to 500+ if you put in the work.

Will also shoot smokeless for even more velocity/distance if you get drawn in a state that allows it.

Lots of info on the mfg. site and his forum.

I had it built last year and shot it a few times, then drew an AZ muzzy tag this year. So I had a full custom built. (For about 4x the cost)

Iím into it for over 1200$ (including 200+ in sights) and would like 950$
Text or call 36o 9o1 6682
Iím in The Vancouver area.

Located in Vancouver and this will need to go through an FFL.


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