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Had to put my hunting partner to sleep last week looking to fill that void

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When I was deer hunting last weekend my 14 y/o Brittany had heart problems in the middle of the night and the wife and daughter had to have her put to sleep. She was my best hunting partner gonna miss her like crazy. She got to hunt a few times this year and did amazing for an old slow girl. I am already feeling a huge void in the house with her gone and thinking I need to get another bird dog. I am leaning toward an English pointer but I know very little on breeders for them I donít want a puppy does anyone know of a good line of them and someone who is selling a finished dog?

Always tough. Good luck on finding your new companion.

I feel for you. Had to put my boy down 4 months ago and Iím still tore up about it. Good luck on you search. Take your time.

Have you looked into Braque Francias?
If you enjoyed your Brittnay it might be worth the look.
So sorry for your loss.

I have contact information for a Springador (Springer/Lab) Breeder.  If you change your mind DM me for the number. My 1.5 yo female is a natural hunter and great family dog.


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