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Having trouble finding a decent youth daypack, 10yr old girl.

Whatcha all running?

My taller than average 6 yr old has been using an REI Tarn 18, although hes out grown it and my 8 yr old is using an Osprey Passage 40 for backpacking trips. Both REI and Osprey have an array of youth pack options.

I bought a cheap one at Walmart, camo with pink.  I think I still have it somewhere, too bad you weren't closer as you could have it.

I didn't rhink of REI, its not on my "route" of shopping stores


I was just in sportsmen warehouse,  not much goin on in there for youth.

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Wow, how ironic is this  ;).  I was reading some pack reviews over on Rokslide and saw that this particular company/pack was being reviewed.  it's actually a pack designed for kids.  May be worth taking a look.


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