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I have one I bought years ago from REI, and the torso is a bit too short. 

It's an ultralight pack, so it is not some huge behemoth.  I was keeping it around for my oldest, but that it is probably years off.

It is in storage, but I expect to be up north sometime this weekend, if you want to grab it.  If it works out, keep it.

Thanks for the offer!   I work all weekend be tough to get to ya,  so I think I'll hold off and take her to REI and see if we can pick her out one.

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Kuiu 1850 would fit good and she could use it as she gets older
Get 1 with the frame and you can just get different bags
A little spendy but worth it
I bought my adult daughter one and my 8 yr old grandson was packing it around this year

I haven't made either of my girls carry a pack yet.  Just keep it fun and let them enjoy it for a couple years.

She loves carrying a pack

I don't put much weight in it, maybe a MH meal or two, a jetboil or a turkey decoy.

Bulky but lightweight stuff, the pack in this pic has a few turkey decoys.

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