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Re: WTB Weight Set
« Reply #15 on: January 19, 2021, 11:45:53 AM »
I may have what you want, actually i do have what you want just need to decide if i want to part with them as im currently using them, just not for there intended purpose  :chuckle:, i would need to figure out a replacement there current purpose.
What size bar hole do you need? I will see how much i have and what size the whole is, i also have 3 or 4 dumbbell bars.
No other bars though

I've now got a bench and a dumbbell set, so what I really need is a bar and weights for the bench. Ideally, I'd get one of the Olympic style bars with that holds plates with 2" holes.
Ok, i checked and i have the standard  (1 inch hole) weider weights along with 4 other non branded weights and 4 pipe fitting things and 4 dumbbell bars.
3lb x 8
5lb x 10
10lb x 8
25lb x 4
10lb x 4 (non branded chrome steel)
1.3lb x 4 cast iron things that clamp to a 1 inch bar
So in Weider weights 254lbs, Non branded 40lbs - 294lbs total + the few extras
Let me know if you are interested, if not i may throw them in the classifieds, Thinking $450.00  :dunno:
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