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Last season my dog came limping back from a retrieve and had a russian olive type thorn literally in the bottom and out the top of his upper paw around where the joint is and above the pads in the foot. Without a good multi tool we would still be out there... luckily the thorn and the wilderness first aid thorn removal didn't damage anything.

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Wow.. no long term damage? That had to hurt.

Benadryl for rattle snake bites too can save a dog

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for foot injuries carry a pair of dog booties to put on over any first aid.
keeps them clean/keeps them from licking it if they are still able to walk.

for carry out harness, i have one of these on order to keep in my pack.

I just picked up my pup a few weeks ago and the vet said he n his last visit that before I take him to eastern Washington to bird hunt that the have a rattlesnake vaccine that they can give him anybody else heard of or done this?

I just got my dog her first dose of the rattler vaccine a few days ago, two total about 3-4 weeks apart. Hope we never have to find out how effective it is.


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