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On my list for next year...they can be a game/life changer. My sister runs an HRD dog in Oregon...I will have her send me her complete list and post. All the suggestions have been great...packing a kit for my dog is similar to what I pack for my human kids...my dog is like another child in my opinion... I don't mind the extra weight to make sure I am ready to save her life :tup:

Did you get the list from her??  I would love to see it.  This would be a pretty good thread to pin.  I do carry a first aid kit, but wondered if I had the right items in it.

On the rattlesnake vaccine.  Over a decade now.  At first my Vet said he only saw TWO dogs that were vaccinated.  One looked like he NEVER met the snake.  The other looked like he NEVER met the vaccine.

These days, his opinion is do it. $30 for the initial shot, plus a follow up in six months.  Then $30 a year.

Cheap insurance.

Sorry I totally forgot to get her list...I will post it soon. Keep in mind that she isn't carrying all the gear that most hunters do but I will post nonetheless. Thanks for the info on the snake stuff. Unfortunately I rarely get to hunt that side of the mountains but I would get my dog the shot if I did. :tup: 

Gettin Birdie:
If you hunt in the SE corner of the state, east of the blues, I'd definitely recommend the rattler vaccine, did it for our dogs.  I've encountered tons of rattlers out there, and my dog has stepped over them, saw it coming, but couldn't do nothing in time, that was a hold my breath moment!  There are plenty around tri cities too, if in the right place, so overall recommend it for anyone on the eastside hunting, better safe than sorry.  Maybe some throw up juice (Hydrogen peroxide?) in case they get into something bad, my dog attempted to eat some mushrooms before, not sure if poisonous or not, but don't want to find out.  Like the packout bag, going to have to get me one, dad had his dog get dehydrated in a january hunt in SD, had to carry the dog back to the rig, so good to have that, lesson learned!   

dog sling. Wish had one last year carrying out dog.
Cable cutters, zip ties for traps, snares barbed wire

good pair of hemostats or pliers

liquid bandages, quick clot

number to emergency vet in area you are hunting.

got the snake vaccine

Stapler for tears/rips is always my vest. Clean it..fix it...back to hunting.


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