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Type 07 Class 2 NFA Dealer
GLOCK Certified Armourer

Silencer Co has released the next generation of the Harvester and is now called the Harvester Evo.

They are available now and can qualify for the current Buy One Get One promotion of a free Warlock 22.

Follow this link to order a Harvester Evo or, give me a shout if you'd like to come in and pay cash.

Silencer Co Omega 9K is a nice compact option for your PCC or SMG. Its rated for 9mm and 300 Blackout - Super and Sub.

For all the small game hunters and people that want to train the little ones to about some suppressed .22lr!

This Remington 700 used to be a real donkey kick in the shoulder until Tom at SPR Industries LLC suggested I back off my load a bit after he cut, crowned, and threaded the barrel for me. The Huxwrx Safety Co. 762 suppressor also does a good job at reducing the felt recoil which also helps me get back on target faster.

Practicing shooting a steel target at 100yds off hand is a nice confidence booster for the day I have to take a quick off hand shot at a nice Bull.

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